Monday, October 29, 2007

Gurl 6 - Lila

Today's style is from Gurl 6 Hair.

The Lila style are two, long ponytails that fall straight down to mid-thigh. The ponies are parted in the middle down the back of the head and held in place by hair ties just behind the ears. The swoop bangs cross the forehead from right to left brushing at the eyebrows to mid-ear. This young and fresh style works really well for casual clothing but can be a fun wear for formal as well.

Guest Model: Cherlindrea Lamont

The Lila style costs L$195 per color pack which comes with 4 colors in small, medium and large, $999 for the everything pack with 33 colors in small, medium, and large, and L$1 for the demo. The color packs include: dazzle(shimmeryred, peachy, copper, ginger), delicate(straw, gold, cream, blonded), sugar(vicious pink, raspberry lemonade, electric candy, cotton candy), seduction(toast, light brown, elektra, dark brown), dipped(pink dipped blonde, pink dipped black, dipped strawberry, black dipped blonde), drama(milk, blackwhite, blackred, blackgloss), hotstuff(tangerine, strawberry, sexy red, natural red), sunshine(light blondish gold, light blonde, golden blonde, creamy blonde), dirties(honey, dirty blonde, black n gold, black light brown), sultry(caramel, chestnut, hazelnut, goldenbrown), platinum(platinum, platinumred, platinumpink, platinumblack), midnight(rebel, dirtier white, black cherry, black), berries(seducationplum, deeperpurple, blueberry, blue), diva(toffee, sand, cocoa, chocolate), candy(blackwblondetips, blacksilver, blackblue, blackpurple).

Skin: TaP - Vivant Bronze Newbie, Clothes: PixelDolls - Celeste Green

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