Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bishwear - Toss Me Around

Finally, the hair that has gotten SO MANY QUESTIONS! Seriously, this hair is like crack, I can NOT GET ENOUGH! So go to Bishwear and grab Toss Me Around. Seriously, it's free. What are you waiting for?

From the front, it's big. Really big. It's also slightly windblown, with a strand or three falling in front of your face. The waves are amazing... I want to touch it!


From behind? More glorious waves. If you're shy and don't like attention, don't get this hair. This hair shouts, "I am GLAMOROUS! LOOK AT ME!"


Free, only in black.

Pedalpusher Designs JH - ASlf1 - Light, Gurl 6 Eyes - Hazel Eyes by PopFuzz, *Sin Skins* Vanity Lashes, ( ACgirl )JP_Skirt_&_Bare_Top << Group Gift >>, ::69:: Candy Necklace - 69


Anonymous said...

When I follow the SLurl I come to a rather large lot, which is completly empty and doesn't have an owner. Please help, I really want that hair!

Christianne said...

where is that store? it is en empty spot there

Anonymous said...

@Christianne! Got it! ;-)

Teagan Blackthorne said...

The store moved to a less buggy location. The blog it edited to the new location. Thank you, Windfallobst.

Julia said...

Well, I looked through the store twice and couldn't find the hair. Is it somewhere in particular?

Teagan Blackthorne said...

From what I understand. Today was the last day for this freebie. There will be a new freebie tomorrow. Look for this style to be released in her full color line soon.