Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Defectiva - Kay Nein

Today's hair is Kay Nein from Defectiva. It's a cute casual flip that has a great retro flair to it. From the front, it has long bangs (I chose to wear it up a bit, since my avatar is clumsy and tends to run into walls if she can't see!) and a fluffy flip to the sides.


From behind, you can see that all the hair flips out. The layered style is casual and cute.

Kay Nein is L$150 for 1 color. Your choices are black, brown, and blonde.

LF CHAI Skin -Honey- Vedette, Gurl 6 Eyes - Brown 2 by PopFuzz, *Sin Skins* Vanity Lashes, *ICING* Gift: Sangria Sunrise (Boxed), EM - *Midnight Fire Necklace

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