Monday, June 16, 2008

(Male Mondays) Damselfly - Prophecy

Today's style is from Damselfly.

The Prophecy style is a short, straight style that ends cleanly at the neckline. The hair has some slight layering towards the ends. The front of the hair is parted down the middles with strands pulled to the side to frame the face. These framing pieces fall across the corners of both eyes until level with the corners of the mouth.

The Prophecy style costs $3200L for a 124-color fatpack, $1250L for a 28-color pack, $1000L for a 24-color pack, $200L for a 4-color pack, and the demos are $1L. The colors include: atomic, atomic blend, atomic cool, atomic warm, bamboo, bamboo blend, bamboo cool, bamboo warm, beach beige, beach beige black, beach beige blend, beach beige cool, beach beige warm, belladonna, belladonna blend, belladonna cool, belladonna warm, black pearl, black pearl blend, black pearl cool, black pearl warm, blonde dusky, blonde dusky black, blonde dusky blend, blonde dusky cool, blonde dusky warm, blue black, brown caramel, brown caramel blend, brown caramel cool, brown caramel warm, brown cocoa, brown cocoa blend, brown cocoa cool, brown cocoa warm, brown driftwood, brown driftwood black, brown driftwood blend, brown driftwood cool, brown driftwood warm, brown dusky, brown dusky blend, brown dusky cool, brown dusky warm, brown mocha, brown mocha blend, brown mocha cool, brown mocha warm, brown suntan, brown suntan blend, brown suntan cool, brown suntan warm, cinnamon, cinnamon blend, cinnamon cool, cinnamon warm, diva, diva blend, diva cool, diva warm, forest, forest blend, forest cool, forest warm, ginger, ginger blend, ginger cool, ginger warm, hibiscus, hibiscus blend, hibiscus cool, hibiscus warm, manic, manic blend, manic cool, manic warm, mystic, mystic blend, mystic cool, mystic warm, nightshade, nightshade blend, nightshade cool, nightshade warm, onyx, onyx blend, onyx cool, onyx warm, panic, panic blend, panic cool, panic warm, raven, raven blend, raven cool, raven warm, ruby twilight, ruby twilight blend, ruby twilight cool, ruby twilight warm, russet, russet blend, russet cool, russet warm, sand dollar, sand dollar blend, sand dollar cool, sand dollar warm, silver black, starfish, starfish blend, starfish cool, starfish warm, sunrise, sunrise blend, sunrise cool, sunrise warm, tropic, tropic blend, tropic cool, tropic warm, voodoo, voodoo blend, voodoo cool, voodoo warm.

Pose: AnimaH - Male Pose 08, Skin: Nomine - 6 Male California Tan - brown beard, Clothes: UFOnly - Anti-Soul Pulse, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Golden Brown by PopFuzz

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