Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fuel - Maci

Today's style is from Fuel.

The Maci style is a long and short style with the hair long on the left side falling down in front of the shoulder and the hair short on the right side angled into a bob. The hair in back is slightly layers with soft stands of hair touching the neck. The hair in the front is parts on the right with chunks falling over the left eyes and curving around the contours of the right side of the face.

The Maci style costs $1600L for a 12-color fat pack, $170L for a 2-color pack, and the demos are free. The colors include: ash white, berry red, charcoal, hazelnut brown, honey blonde, blonde streaked, blue streaked, green streaked, hazel streaked, purple streaked, red streaked, white streaked.

Pose: Grapevine - Bond Street Stand 002, Skin: SYD - Rosepetal Makeup08, Clothes: Rose Petal Creations - Whimsy, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz, Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

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