Thursday, February 28, 2008

RaC - Fling II

I can't help it. Every time I wear RaC hair (which is pretty often), I wait for someone to ask where it's from, so I can reply, "Raspberry and Cow!" Why does that make me giggle so much? I have no idea, but it certainly does.

Hey, take joy in the small things. :D

So, back to the hair... today's style is Fling II from RaC. It's smooth, sleek, shiny, and elegant. (Sorry, I couldn't think of an "s" descripter for elegant!) From the front, the long side-swept bangs curl slightly past the chin, and the rest of the hair is simply stylish. (Ooooh, more Ss!) The ends have a subtle flip outward.


The back is pure grace. This hair is all about the textures, make no mistake. It is amazing!


The Fling II style is $400 per color. Your color choices are black, dark brown, mahogny, ash brown, golden brown, light brown, sunkissed, red, copper, strawberry, golden blonde, ash blonde, honey blonde, platinum, and silver.

*Luth* Pose Chair, skin - LW Laynie Earthdancer, Gurl 6 Eyes - Blue by PopFuzz, MM-Catwalk Eyelashes, *HD* Qualsha

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melanieann said...

Hi, just thought I'd let you know that the Fling II hairstyle is now just 10L for ALL fifteen colors. Yup, all of 'em!! Nice way for people to try out all the colors. ^^