Monday, January 28, 2008

(Male Monday) Panache - Drakk

Today's style is from Panache.

The Drakk style is a unisex style that looks delectable on guys. It is a long, straight style that falls in in sectioned layers to the very tops of the thighs. The hair around the head has shorter layers that end level with the neckline crowning the head. The hair in front is parted on the right with long layered pieces framing the face and partially covering the left eye. This is one of the few styles that comes in Panache's dread texture pack which I am sure would looking perfect.

The Drakk style costs $250L regular color packs, $300L for a 5-color tip pack, and the demos are $1L. The colors include: aqua blue, aqua blue-black, aqua, aqua green-black, green dark, green light, green medium, dread brown, dread green, dread pink, dread purple, dread red, toxic dark, toxic dark-black, toxic light, toxic light-black, sunfire, sunfire-blacktips, orange crush, orange crush-blacktip, baby blue, baby blue whitetip, blue dark, blue light, blue medium, blue-lavender, blue-pink, blue-white, blue-sky, purple dark, purple light, purple medium, lavender, lavender whitetip, pink baby, pink baby whitetip, pink hot, pink hot blacktip, bubblegum pink-black, platinum, platinum blacktip, hair powder black, red dark, red light, red medium, red black, black, black whitetip, autumn dark, autumn light, autumn medium, coppertone auburn, coppertone gold, coppertone red, blonde berry, blonde berry-blacktip, blonde natural, blonde natural blacktip, brunette dark, brunette light, brunette medium, golden brown, ash, ash blacktip, blonde iced, blonde iced blacktip, blonde honey, blonde honey blacktip, hazel, hazel blacktip, butterscotch, butterscotch blacktip, walnut, walnut blacktip, iced apricot tip, iced blue tip, iced celadon tip, iced lavender tip, iced periwinkle tip, iced melon tip, iced pink tip, iced hot pink tip, iced white tip, iced red tip, black autumn tip, black brown tip, black honey tip, black iced tip, black red tip, black aqua tip, black green tip, black purple tip, black blue tip, black pink tip, black lime tip, black orange tip, black sunfire tip, black coral tip, black lavender tip, black peach tip.

Pose - AnimaH - Arms Crossed Male, Skin: Tap - Vivant Chestnut Beat, Clothes: LaynieWear - Black Turtleneck, Rebel Hope - Black Jeans, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Hazel by PopFuzz

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