Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday Hair

Some of you may have been wondering where I've been. I swear, I'm such a bad partner, leaving Teagan to write all these blogs by herself. But wonder no more - I'm here, with a wonderful holiday hair by Nedrae Messmer! (Man, this egg nog is good!! Why don't we have it all year?)

Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Perhaps your standard up-dos aren't quite doing it for you? Have no fear, for I have found the absolute PERFECT holiday hair! (And egg nog! Don't forget the nog!)


Seriously, isn't this perfect? I've been wearing it for days now, and I giggle every time I see it! It can be yours too, for free, at SLExchange. So if you've been hitting the nog like me... you can show off your crazy mad style and...

Wait, why is the room spinning? Maybe I need a nap... or more nog! YES! NOG!


Teagan Blackthorne said...

*take the eggnog cup and cuts Laynie off for the day*

Laynie said...

Hmmph. Why is the nog gone?