Sunday, November 18, 2007

A little note about submissions...

Hi everyone! After a quick chat with Teagan tonight, we realized that occasionally we run across hair in our inventory and we're not sure where it came from or when. We promise we aren't ignoring you, but so many things can happen - we crash at login (I'm known for that), or SL eats a message or three, and we end up not knowing we've gotten hair.

While we don't promise to review hair that's been dropped on us, if you haven't heard from us in a week or so, give us a nudge. Drop a notecard on us saying, "Hey, I gave you some hair to look at, did you get it?"

And designers- please feel free to send hair for us to review (especially guy's hair!). We aren't picky about color, since it's hair for review, not hair we plan to wear everywhere! Put it in a folder, including the pertinent information- the date, your shop name, prices (for demo, singles, fatpacks, etc), a LM for your shop, a notecard with any relevant information, etc.

Thanks again!
Laynie (and Teagan, in absentia)

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