Saturday, November 24, 2007

Information on Laynie

Laynie Link has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving Day. I will spare you all the lovely details but she cannot eat or drink anything. The doctors do not know if it is food poisoning, a virus, inflammation, or something else at this point. She has an IV for fluids and is twitching miserably with nothing but hospital TV to keep herself occupied. They will not let her leave until she can eat and drink without getting ill.

For those who sent her hair for review for Savoir Hair, she will get to it as soon as she is feeling better.

For those with customer service issues for LaynieWear, please put all issues on a notecard and drop it on her. If it is an extreme emergency, you can message me in game and I can mention the issue during the next phone call.


Christine said...

All my best to Laynie. I hope she gets well soon and positive healing vibes coming her way from me.

-Kesseret Steeplechase (as my blogger name is my real one)

Anonymous said...

send well wishes to Laynie
hope you feel better soon sweetie
Ravenlynn Templar

Sirahal said...

Best wishes!

That's an icky feeling - I had it temporarily once (it was just a bad flu in my case, but I had an ear infection at the same time, so couldnt' even keep my meds down)

Fingers crossed she's better soon!

Rowan Carroll said...

Aww poor Laynie, my best wishes for your recovery.. speaking of Wi-Fi.. a new hospital in my area is boasting that all hospital rooms come with Wi-fi..

Kurston B said...

Omg...HUgssssssssss to Lanyie! Hoep she's feeling better and gets home soon!!!

Kurston B said...

omg... Hugsssssssss to Laynie please!!! Really hope she is better and can get home soon. Hospital TV is the worst!