Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Eat Rice - Sadi

Eat Rice is a small shop that is filled with all sorts of goodies. There is a nice collection of casual clothing, skins, hair, eyes, and accessories. A notecard greeters gives you a note each time you enter the store that invites you to be a part of their growing family. By the front entrance is a tray of take out that you can grab for free that comes with chopsticks, jasmine tea, and a fortune cookie.

The Sadi style is a long, straight style with fringed ends that falls to the small of the back. There is a top layer just above the neckline line that curls into towards the head. The face is framed with long, choppy bangs with the same fringed ends so although the hair falls into the face the eyes are clearly visible. The rest of the hair curves around the contours of the face framing it. This is perfect hair for the Neko in you so I paired it with my set from Jungle Voodoo.

The Sadi style costs $2000L for a fat pack, $200L for a 3-color pack, and the demos are free. The colors include: platinum(platinum, platinum dark chunky, platinum light chunky), caramel(caramel, caramel dark chunky, caramel light chunky), vanilla(vanilla, vanilla dark chunky, vanilla light chunky), mocha(mocha, mocha dark chunky, mocha light chunky), cafe(cafe, cafe dark chunky, cafe light chunky), choco(choco, choco dark chunky, choco light chunky), black(black, black light chunky, black red chunky), red(red, red dark chunky, red light chunky), auburn(auburn, auburn dark chunky, auburn light chunky), pink(pink, pink dark chunky, pink light chunky), purple(purple, purple dark chunky, purple light chunky), blue(blue, blue dark chunky, blue light chunky), lime(lime, lime dark chunky, lime light chunky).

Neko Parts: Jungle Voodoo - Neko Cream Ears & Tail, Skin: Jungle Voodoo - Cream Leopard Neko Blood, Clothes: Ravenwear - Lucky 13 Outfit, Eyes: SYD - Teal Dragon Eyes

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