Friday, September 7, 2007

ETD Returns

ETD has re-opened their doors after a short break and remodeling. There is a mad dash over there to check it out and buy all 21 new hairstyles which includes a freebie and male style. Woo! Be sure to go by and check out the new textures as well. One quick note, the new releases are located in their sections rather than in the new release area due to the number of new styles. You can read more about it and see pictures of all the new releases on ETD's Blog.

I know there are many happy loyal ETD fans today like my friend Des:
Desire Strangelove: I was distracted by hair lol
Teagan Blackthorne: hehehe
Teagan Blackthorne: good thing to be distracted by
Desire Strangelove: *smiles* mmhmm...I liked 4 of the new hairs lol
Desire Strangelove: and I even looked good in the blonde
Desire Strangelove: usual the customers were fighting their way up the stairs ....
Desire Strangelove: thankfully a sample pack was sent out ... because I couldn't move once I got into the store...and nothing rezzed....
Desire Strangelove: dunno if you want to use that...but that was what happened
Teagan Blackthorne: hehe
Desire Strangelove: lol :/
Desire Strangelove: is always quite comical though
Desire Strangelove: I certainly enjoyed the jokes people were making of it...
Desire Strangelove: and I will go back to buy when I can because I already love at least 4 of the new styles

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