Thursday, April 12, 2007

Adam N Eve - Ripple

Today's style is from Adam N Eve. This style is available as a freebie at the Hair Fair until April 14.

The Ripple style is a semi-curly updo with the hair pulled into a loose knot at the crown of the head with curled tendrils falling out of the knot and hanging down to the neckline. The face is frame with bangs that are parted just right of center with the same curled tendrils brushing the jawline and falling past of the earlobe. This style seems perfect for wearing at a formal event.

The Ripple style is free. The colors include: dirtyblonde, brown, and black.

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam, Clothes: Adam N Eve - Female T-shirt


Tenshi said...

It looks kinda greasy...

Teagan Blackthorne said...

It does lack the more natural looking sheen that other black textures have.