Thursday, February 22, 2007

Virtual Angels Charity Fund - Calico Creations 50%off

Virtual Angels Charity Fund is running a charity event from February 22nd through the evening of March 3rd. Calico Ingmann, bless her heart, has put up 15 women's styles, including her newest release called Rachael, and 7 men's styles at half their price in her shop. (This means instead of L$200 a color it is only L$100 a color.)

The styles on display are:
Women's- Helen, Helen II, Fran, Rachael, Liz, Amy, Amber, Amber II, Samantha, Jenny, Catherine, Ember, Ember II, Ember II, Ember IV.

Men's- Blake, Rick, Forge, Forge II, David, Kano, Gabe.

Be sure to stop by Calico Creations for all her other styles.

What is Virtual Angels?
"The Virtual Angels is a new group, founded by Simone Stern. Formerly known as Ayeshe’s Angels, the Virtual Angels will become a real world non-profit to help those in need. Currently, the charity is exploring the steps needed to become an official non-profile and apply for tax-free status in the United States.

All money donated to the Virtual Angels will earmarked for the care of Ayeshe Millions, the first of many to be chosen as the beneficiary of the charity work that started here in Second Life."

-Quoted from the group's notecard.