Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Gurl 6 Hair - Laced

Gurl 6 Hair owns me. Well, at least that is what Laynie tells me. The truth is you cannot find better deals on hair or a more generous person as Six Kennedy.

The Lace style is two ponytails that fall straight down the side of the head. They are laced around by a cord that gives the ponytails a braided look. The cord can color changed to suit your needs. The face is framed with wavy, chunky bangs that fall past the cheekbone.

The Laced hair runs L$195 per color pack which comes with 4 colors in small, medium and large, $999 for the everything pack with 33 colors in small, medium, and large, and L$1 for the demo. The color packs include: sugar(vicious pink, raspberry lemonade, electric candy, cotton candy), seduction(toast, light brown, elektra, dark brown), dipped(pink dipped blonde, pink dipped black, dipped strawberry, black dipped blonde), hotstuff(tangerine, strawberry, sexy red, natural red), sunshine(light blondish gold, light blonde, golden blonde, creamy blonde), dirties(honey, dirty blonde, black n gold, black light brown), midnight(rebel, dirtier white, black cherry, black).

Skin: Demented Designs - Chelsea, Clothes: FooRoo - Pink Corset Top, Liquid Velvet Studios - First Look Pink Jeans


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the lip ring?

Teagan Blackthorne said...

Gurl 6 as well. It was part of their Thanksgiving special box.