Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tangles - Tootsie Pop

Updated: April 28, 2007

Tangles! has recently gone through a big change in their hair textures. Sarabi, bless her heart, is also very good natured and takes criticism very well.

The Tootsie Pop style is two messy-styled, short ponytails that are angled with razor-cut chunks. The face is frame with similarly angled, razor-cut pieces that fall past the chin. I prefer this style much more than the last one reviewed for this shop. The new textures are cute and the plum went really well with my lavender skin. The price is a great bargain for this style.

The Tootsie Pop style comes in a single menu driven wig that costs L$150 and the demos are free. The menu system works with 12 base textures (black, blonde, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, red, violet, white and yellow) with 66 different tints to create 792 hair shades to select from the menu.

Skin: PanJen - Dusk Fay Lavendar, Clothes: LaynieWear - Black/Onyx Stripey Socks, PanJen Lace Dress Top, PanJen Lace Dress Skirt, Tattoos: LaynieWear - Henna Tattoo

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Xevv Boram said...

That looks amazing.