Friday, June 20, 2008

Wunderlich - Coiffure Anitgone

Today's style is from Wunderlich.

The Coiffure Antigone style is a vintage-style, braided updo that is circa 1866. The back of the style has woven braids that curl down across the neck and back into the style forming two loops. The hair in front is parted in the middle with the hair smoothly pulled into the braided updo. The thing that I really liked about all of the styles on display at Wunderlich was the inspiration pictures was also on the ad so you could see how this style came to be. On some of the styles there is also a brief description of the style's history on the ad as well.

The Coiffure Antigone style costs $250L for a 10-color pack and the demos are $1L. The colors include: blondes(blonde, darkblonde, darkstrawberryblonde, fadedblonde, golden, goldenblonde, ivory, lightblonde, platinum, strawberryblonde), browns(brown, cocoa, darkgoldenbrown, fadedbrown, goldenbrown, lightbrown, lightcocoa, lightgoldenbrown, orange, reddishbrown), blacks(almostblack, black, blackishbrown, blueash, charcoal, cocoa, darkbrown, darkwine, offblack, silver), red(aubergine, auburn, darkauburn, darkstrawberry, darkwine, fieryred, hotpink, orange, red, reddishbrown), crazy(aubergine, blue, green, hotpink, indigo, red, silver violet, white, yellow), pastel(darkstrawberryblonde, ivory, lightsilver, pastelblue, pastelgreen, pastellavender, pastelpink, pastelyellow, platinum, white).

LAP - Yup, Skin: SYD - Cornsilk Makeup05, Clothes: Vintage Clothing Redproductions - Anne Boleyn in Black, Jewelry: Alienbear - Lady Cameo Set, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz, Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

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