Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tekeli-Li - Aurora

Ok, if you've read for any time at all, you realize I *LOVE* having things in my hair. When Delora Starbrook told me I absolutely had to go to Tekeli-Li, I thought, "Oh come on, can it REALLY be that good?"

And it was. I stood for at least 15 minutes, admiring all the hair. It's amazing, it's different... and it has DOODADS! Not just any doodads, either... color-change doodads! I came home with Aurora, and I was not disappointed!

From the front, there are long chunks of bangs that fall to either side of the face, framing it nicely. The bulk of the hair is pulled into two low ponytails. The interesting point about this hair is that it has the most interesting ornaments!

The ornaments are color change- you can change the color of the metal, the color of the gems, the color of the glow, and turn glow on or off. So cool...

From behind, you can see the ornaments more clearly. The red transparent parts are separate, so you don't have to wear them if you don't want to.


Aurora is scripted (with 62 hair colors, 25 metals, 45 gems and lights, and 11 glow colors), and is L$320. Single colors are L$125, and your choices are Grape, Silver, Black, and Golden Blonde.

Another Fundraiser-SKIN2.0 - Yu skin (Classic makeup), Gurl 6 Eyes - Golden by PopFuzz, *Sin Skins* Vanity Lashes, Dark Eden Bloodrage Cephalod Set

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