Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ETD - Xaria

Today's style is from ETD.

The Xaria style is a medium ponytail style with the ponies sitting low behind the ears and ending at the shoulder blades. The ends of each pony is curled under and into itself where it is held in place. The hair in front is parted on the far left with swoop bangs crossing the face, slightly in the eyes, to the right temple.

The Xaria style costs $1500L per 163-color willow pack, $200L per tipped packs, $175L per 9-color packs, $150L per 5-color packs, and the demos are free. The colors include: amethyst, amethyst blackened, amethyst burnt, apricot, apricot blackened, apricot burnt, auburn, auburn blackened, auburn burnt, black, black blue, black bronzed, black faded, black frosted, black green, black orange, black pink, black purple, black red, black yellow, blackberry, blonde, blonde blackened, blonde blue, blonde burnt, blonde frosted, blonde green, blonde orange, blonde pink, blonde purple, blonde red, blonde yellow, caramel, caramel blackened, caramel burnt, celadon, celadon blackened, celadon burnt, cerise, cerise blackened, cerise burnt, chestnut, chestnut burnt, chestnut faded, chocolate, chocolate burnt, chocolate faded, cinnamon, cinnamon blackened, cinnamon burnt, copper, copper blackened, copper burnt, crimson, crimson blackened, crimson burnt, dirty, dirty blackened, dirty burnt, ebony, ebony blue, ebony bronzed, ebony faded, ebony frosted, ebony green, ebony orange, ebony pink, ebony purple, ebony red, ebony yellow, elika's brown, elika's red, emerald, emerald blackened, emerald burnt, espresso, espresso burnt, espresso faded, fire, fire blackened, fire burnt, gray, gray blackened, gray burnt, honey, honey blackened, honey burnt, mahogany, mahogany burnt, mahogany faded, nickel, nickel blackened, nickel burnt, obsidian, orange, orange blackened, orange burnt, pink, pink blackened, pink burnt, platinum, platinum blackened, platinum blue, platinum burnt, platinum frosted, platinum green, platinum orange, platinum pink, platinum purple, platinum red, platinum yellow, purple, purple blackened, purple burnt, raspberry, sapphire, sapphire blackened, sapphire burnt, scarlet, scarlet blackened, scarlet burnt, sky, sky blackened, sky burnt, smoke, smoke burnt, smoke faded, strawberry, strawberry blackened, strawberry burnt, sunny, sunny blackened, sunny blue, sunny burnt, sunny frosted, sunny green, sunny orange, sunny pink, sunny purple, sunny red, sunny yellow, tawny, tawny blackened, tawny burnt, teal, teal blackened, teal burnt, turquoise, turquoise blackened, turquoise burnt, white, white blackened, white blue, white burnt, white frosted, white green, white orange, white pink, white purple, white red, white yellow.

Pose: LAP - Diva, Skin: Tuli - Celeste [light/1] ~ dawn (freckled) [brows 1], Clothes: SYD - Blue Grace Gown, Jewelry: Dahlinks - Brat Dog Tag, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz, Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

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Grunge Style said...

This is kyooooooooot! <3 ETD for making basic prim styles that look natural still, without all the crazy wavy sculptie-ness.