Monday, May 19, 2008

(Male Monday) Bryce Designs - Mikichan

It's Male Monday again- one bright thing in this dreariest of days. Today we showcase Mikichan from Bryce Designs. Bryce Tully has a nice selection of hair for guys, and today's choice caught my eye because it's so cute. (I think I may have to "borrow" it from BoyLaynie... he won't miss it, right?)

From the front, Mikichan is a cute shaggy style with bangs that sweep to the left, falling past the eyebrows. I can't help but want to push those few stray locks aside!


From behind, this style is loose and wavy and shaggy. The hair brushes the back of the neck gently, giving the wearer a casual flair.


The Mikichan style style costs $2000L for the 54-color fat pack, $200L for a 2-color, 3-color or 5-color pack, and $1L for the demo. The colors include: blonde(bleached, blonde, dirty), blonde tips(blonde-black, tawny-blonde), honeys(champagne, honey, nectar), honey tips(nectar-black, toasted-nectar), brown(brunette, cocoa, dark chocolate), brown tips(brunette-black, brunette-blonde, toasted brunette), auburns(chestnut, henna, tawny), auburn tips(tawny-black, tawny-blonde, toasted tawny), reds(firebrick, ruby, scarlet), red tips(firebrick-black, firebrick-blonde, toasted-firebrick), purples(indigo, plum, violet), purple tips(plum-black, plum-blonde, toasted-plum), blue(azure, pino, slate), blue tips(slate-black, slate-blonde, toasted-slate), blacks(black, coal, ebony), black tips(black-blonde, toasted-black).

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