Friday, May 9, 2008

(Furry Friday) HCT - Minx

Today's style is from Here Comes Trouble. This is the first time we are going to try a Furry Friday. Unlike Male Mondays this will not be weekly but when we are able to feature Furry hairstyles. If you know of other stores that have hair that cater specific styles for the furry community, please let Laynie or I know.

The Minx style is a long, straight ponytail that is held in place a the crown with hair wrapped around the base to hold it in place. The pony is high volume falling down and out to the small of the back. There are long framing pieces that are parted at the center and fall down either side of the face to the waist. This style also comes in a standard version on the discount wall.

The Minx style costs $100L for a 48-color fat pack for the Furry versions, $199L for the standard version, and the demo(standard version - furry users try on the Large one) is $1L. The colors include: auburn, black, blonde-brown, brown, burnt, chestnut, chocolate, cobbler, cocoa, darkness, deep red, dirty, dpink, golden, green, honey, iced, killer, light purple, light pink, orange, pink, platinum, pretty, purple, purplie, raven, sandy, sexy, sherbet, red sophisticated, strawberry blonde, black-purple tipped, black-red tipped, brown-auburn tipped, brown-blonde tipped, girlie tipped, green-black tipped, orange-black tipped, platinum-black tipped, platinum-pink tipped, black-blue tipped, pumpkin dipped, purple-black tipped, sandy-blue tipped, sky tipped, spring tipped, teal-black tipped, vixen tipped, white-black tipped, white-silver tipped, vamped, white, wicked.

Pose: Grapevine - Bond Street Stand 006, Avatar: Wingless Emoto - Fox(tan), Clothes: Rose Petal Creations - Whimsy in Rouge

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