Monday, April 21, 2008

(Male Monday) Bryce - Reject

Today's style is from Bryce Designs.

The Reject style is a short, layered style with wavy hair curling slightly just past the neckline. The hair on the sides slight covers the ears with the tops hidden by wavy strands. There are long messy bangs in the front parted slightly across the middle.

The Reject style style costs $2000L for the 54-color fat pack, $200L for a 2-color, 3-color or 5-color pack, and $1L for the demo. The colors include: blonde(bleached, blonde, dirty), blonde tips(blonde-black, tawny-blonde), honeys(champagne, honey, nectar), honey tips(nectar-black, toasted-nectar), brown(brunette, cocoa, dark chocolate), brown tips(brunette-black, brunette-blonde, toasted brunette), auburns(chestnut, henna, tawny), auburn tips(tawny-black, tawny-blonde, toasted tawny), reds(firebrick, ruby, scarlet), red tips(firebrick-black, firebrick-blonde, toasted-firebrick), purples(indigo, plum, violet), purple tips(plum-black, plum-blonde, toasted-plum), blue(azure, pino, slate), blue tips(slate-black, slate-blonde, toasted-slate), blacks(black, coal, ebony), black tips(black-blonde, toasted-black).

Pose: AnimaH - male pose01, Skin: MM Skins - SK Rugged, Clothes: SPIRIT - Men's Ballroom Striped Tuxedo, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Golden Brown by PopFuzz

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