Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spirit - Spirited I

(Sorry if the angles seem off, the new computer will be here *fingers crossed* on Monday.)
Today's style is from Spirit.

The Spirited I style is a redone version of the Spirited II(SavannahAnn, you are trying to hurt my brain.). Like its sister style it is a ponytail that sits on the crown and sweeps down to the middle of the back with soft waves at the bottom. The hair in the front is parted on the left and smoothly pulled to the right side. The is a great ponytail for casual, everyday wear.

The Spirited I style costs style costs $300L a 4-color pack and the demos are $1L. The colors includes: blondes(dark golden blonde, light golden blonde, dark honey blonde, platinum blonde), reds(light red, medium red, dark red, strawberry blonde), brunettes(pale brunette, light brunette, medium brunette, dark brunette), and darks(blue black, darkest brunette, darkest red, ebony).

Pose: AnimaH - In My 20s, Skin: Spirit - Pro Cheer Skin Raiderettes Light Blush, Clothes: SYD - Watermelon Rekha Dress, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz, Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes


Cheer Dance World said...
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Cheer Dance World said...

LOL A BIG THANK YOU for the review, and sorry to confuse you. Actually, the Spirited I was an old release (released properly before the Spirited II, lol) from many, many months ago, but has been redone and re-released with better textures and a more universally wearable style that fits all avatars (the old style flipped over the shoulder and didn't always fit various avatar shapes well). I'm hoping this new, sleeker style will fit everyone with little to no adjusting needed beyond resizing to fit your head. :)

--SavannahAnn McMillan
Owner, SPIRIT...for everything cheer and dance!