Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Spirit - Spirited II

Today's style is from Spirit.

The Spirited II style is a ponytailed style that is pulled through the backing of a baseball cap. The pony comes through the backing into a hair knot and then falls down the back ending in the flip outwards at the shoulders. The cap is dark and light grey and sits forward on the forehead. This style is perfect for the outfits it was designed for looking as if you are ready to head to or from practice.

The Spirited II style costs style costs $300L a 4-color pack and the demos are $1L. The colors includes: blondes(dark golden blonde, light golden blonde, dark honey blonde, platinum blonde), reds(light red, medium red, dark red, strawberry blonde), brunettes(pale brunette, light brunette, medium brunette, dark brunette), and darks(blue black, darkest brunette, darkest red, ebony).

MM Skin - Fair-SkinGloss-Smokey, Clothes: Spirit - Dance Practice Outfit

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