Saturday, February 2, 2008

Polished - Stacy

Today's style is from Polished.

The Stacy style is a long straight ponytail that falls, depending on your pose, either straight down to the middle of the back or straight down in front of the right shoulder. The pony is held in place at the back, right side of the neck with hair holding it in place. The hair in front is parted just left of center with framing bangs falling to the jawline and partially covering the ears.


The Stacy style costs costs $175 for a 3-color pack or 7-color black tipped pack and the demos are $1L. The colors include: Original(smoky, smoky bronze, smoky frost, obsidian, obsidian bronze, obsidian frost, navy, navy burnt, navy frost, pinky, pinky burnt, pinky/cotton candy, cotton candy, cotton candy burnt, cotton candy/pinky, crimson, crimson burnt, crimson frost, true red, true red frost, true red burnt, mahogany, mahogany frost, mahogany burnt, coffee, coffee frost, coffee burnt, taupe, taupe frost, taupe burnt, golden, golden frost, golden burnt, dusty, dusty frost, dusty burnt, gingerbread, gingerbread frost, gingerbread burnt, honey, honey frost, honey burnt, sage, sage frost, sage burnt, ash, ash frost, ash burnt, platinum, platinum frost, platinum burnt), High Shine(smoky, smoky bronzed, smoky frost, obsidian, obsidian bronzed, obsidian frost, silver, silver blackened, silver frost, black tips/blonde, black tips/green, black tips/orange, black tips/pink, black tips/purple, black tips/red, black tips/silver, cocoa, cocoa frost, cocoa blackened, chocolate, chocolate blackened, chocolate frost, cinnamon, cinnamon frost, cinnamon blackened, crimson, crimson blackened, crimson frost, fiery, fiery frost, fiery blackened, pumpkin, pumpkin frost, pumpkin blackened, honey, honey frost, honey burnt, blonde, blonde frost, blonde blackened, platinum, platinum frost, platinum blackened).

Skin: TaP Vivant Almond Candy 4, Lashes: MM-Catwalk Eyelashes, Nails: TaP Vamp nails, Shoes: (Shiny Things) Chunky RIbbon Boots - black, Clothes: Classic Jeans Plain (Black), Pants Layer, Long T - Heart (Pink), Jacket Layer, Pink Striped Sleeves (White Base), Undershirt Layer (all from Hexed Alt)


Cherise said...

Hi Laynie, Thanks for blogging my hair! I just wanted to correct something , The original textures are no longer available, they were discountinued back in dec. But the high shines are now in place. including rainbow colors Emerald, Carrot, Passion Fruit, Pinky , and Ocean. these include lightened and blackened tips. And also a new color for brunettes called brownie!

Just wanted to clear that up . Thanks again


Cherise said...

Oh yes and Mahogany and Gingerbread LOL there has been updates since you were last here. let me send the updated list

Obsidian , smoky , silver, platinum , cocoa , chocolate , cinnabun , crimson , firey , pumpkin , honey, blonde , ginger bread, mahogany , brownie which includes blackened and frost tips.

passion fruit, pinky , ocean , carrot , emerald. which includes lightened and blackened tips

Black color tip pack including blonde , silver, blue , green , orange, pink , purple and red.

Cherise B.