Friday, December 14, 2007

Orchid Dreams - Gion

Orchid Dreams has many items needed for going Geisha. There are Geisha inspired hairstyles, kimonos, fans, shapes, and other accessories. When I got the hair, I went on a hunt for a Geisha skin. Pandora Jensen of PanJen made this amazing new geisha skin for me so keep an eye out for it.

The Gion style is a geisha style that is a tight bun with the hair pulled high up to the crown and held in place by a printed band across the back. The hair in front is smoothed back into the bun as well so that there are no visible ends to the style. All the hair is kept in place by bun giving the style a sophisticated look. There are a few kanzashi decorating the style with a shell comb that sits at the front and two ornamental sticks off to the side. This style comes without the kanzashi as well.

The Gion costs $150L and there are no visible demos. The only color is black.

Skin: Panjen - Geisha Skin, Clothes: House of Zen - Huan Kimono, Eyes: PanJen - Anime Eyes - brown

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