Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Truth - Amy Jane

Today's style is from Truth.

The Amy Jane style is a short, straight style with a hint of layer to it that ends just at the neckline. The face is framed with swoop bangs that cross from right to left with a small bit of bang falling down the right side as well. The rest of the hair is held back from the face with a golden headband with black spots. The hair behind the headband has a bit more volume than the rest of the style.

The Amy Jane style costs $1000L for a fat pack, $100L per color, and the demos are free. The colors include: auburn, black, blonde, blueberry, brunette, burgundy, candy, dark blonde, dark choco, fire, nutmeg, sable, silver, violet, honey, toffee, jelly, carrot.

Skin: MM Skins - Fair SkinGloss Smokey, Clothes: SYD - Thanskgiving Kanti Dress, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz


Truth said...

I've added 4 more colors, Honey, Toffee, Jelly and Carrot. Fat pack remands the same price.
You look cute!!

Sirahal said...

Not to be nitpicky, but just to point out, the title of this one is down as "turth" instead ot "truth" *giggles*

Cute hair, though - will have to look at that one!