Monday, November 26, 2007

(Male Mondays) Bewitched - Snoop 2(Pimpin)

Today's style is from Bewitched.

The Snoop 2 style is a medium, wavy style that just brushes at the shoulders in softened layers. The front of the style just touches the fronts of the shoulders with hair falling over the ears. A leather pimp-style fedora tops the style with the front brim slightly flopping forward. This style comes with an optional prim goatee(not shown).

The Snoop 2 style costs $750L for a 50-color everything pack, $195L for a 4-color or 6-color pack, and the demos are $1L. The colors include: jewels(emerald, gem, raspberry, sapphire, teal), girlie(babypink, bubblegum, coral, lavender, vanilla), frosting(ash, cake, cocoa, platinum, vanilla), designer favs(bubblegum, charcoal, latte, mint, oceanmist), tropics(babypink, cinnamon, lavender, sunset, tropical), blooming(coral, lavender, platinum, sunset, tropical), anime(candy apple, light purple, melon, sea), hawt(mahogany, mesquite, natural red, strawberry), parfait(bell, candy, fuchia, straw), smackers(bell, candy apple, dark brown, strawberry), iced(faded, light blue, silver, sky), subdued(auburn, blonde, nugget, sunny), in your face(dark purple, dark blue, pink, green), bewitched favs(black, gold, medium blue, medium purple), naturals(natural red, brown, blonde, black), and customer favs(black, blonde, candy apple, gold, natural red, strawberry).

Skin: Tap - Vivant Chestnut Beat, Clothes: Brutal Gear - Mechanics Shirt White, Eyes: SYD - Forest Eyes

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