Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bewitched - Petra

Today's style is from Bewitched.

The Petra style is a side, knotted braid that crosses near the hairline from right to left, falls forward over the left shoulder., and ends just above the chest. There are separate bangs that frame the face with short waves which slightly angle towards the center of the face. The bangs are color change so you can keep with the same color of the rest of the style or go with a little funkiness. This style also comes with separate Egyptian hair accents with a bling option.

The Petra style costs $750L for a 50-color or 60-color everything pack, $195L for a 4-color or 6-color pack, and the demos are $1L. The colors include: subdued(auburn, blonde, nugget, sunny), ribbon(bell, candy, fuchia, straw), iced(faded, light blue, silver, sky), hawt(mahogany, mesquite, natural red, strawberry), anime(candy apple, light purple, melon, sea), smackers(bell, candy apple, dark brown, strawberry), naturals(natural red, brown, blonde, black), in your face(dark purple, dark blue, pink, green), bewitched favs(black, gold, medium blue, medium purple), and customer favs(black, blonde, candy apple, gold, natural red, strawberry).

Skin: MM Skins - Fair SkinGloss Smokey, Clothes: SYD - Kanti Dress Beige, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz

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Sirahal said...

I Loooove this hair! Which is weird because usually I don't like stuff like that.

I sent in a suggestion to Sheltered that there be another version of it with two braids - heard back that it was going on the list of to do's hee hee