Thursday, October 11, 2007

Artilleri - Dallas

Today's style is from Artilleri.

The Dallas style is simple banded ponytails that sit low behind the ears. There are 3 bands in each pony wrapped with hair and the ponies brush the shoulder blades. The hair in front is parted in the middle and smoothed back into the ponies with a few wisps escaping to brush at the cheek. The simplicity of this style makes it great for all causal clothing.

The Dallas style costs L$190 for a 3-color pack, $230L for a 4-color pack and demos are L$1. The colors included in the packages are: blacks (purple black, blue black, black), blondes (pink blonde, light blonde, golden blonde), browns (caramel, brown, brown october), reds (very very red, red, fire red), duocolors(black with red streak, brown with light blonde streak, light brown with brown streak, red with black streak).

Skin: MM Skins - Fair SkinGloss Smokey, Clothes: PixelDolls - Cimarron Vest Olive

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