Friday, September 14, 2007

Gritty Kitty - Ghost

Today's style is from Gritty Kitty.

The Ghost style is a short, straight style that has some layers in longer pieces throughout the back with volume on the left side of the crown. This style is like a wild bob with the hair longer in the front than in the back. The front framing pieces fall to touch the shoulders. The swoop style bangs part right of center and blend into the framing pieces at the jawline. The left side of the bangs over the left eyes with the razor cut edges allowing the eye to show through. There are several strands of hair with volume high on the left side of the head given the entire style a tousled look.

The Ghost style costs costs $150L per color and the demos are free. The colors include: white-black, marshmellow, liquorice, frosted, mixedchocolate, wheat, honey, sinjun, redhot, candyblack, blackgrape, oceantipped, pinkblack, mintblack, cotton candy, brown, chocolate tipped, redblack.

Skin: EM Natural Male/Facial '4', Clothes: SYD - Scorpius Crew Neck

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