Sunday, August 19, 2007

Taunt - Sweeda

Today's style is from Hair by Taunt.

The Sweeda style is two long braids that fall down to the small of the back and are tied off with color-changing, ball hair ties. The braids fall down from small, low sitting buns that are on either side of the crown. There is a small wisp of curl along the neckline of this style. The bangs are long and angular falling slightly into the eyes and back off the face to the jawline with the shorter pieces and brush the shoulders with the longer pieces.

The Sweeda style costs L$199 per color, L$1 for the demo and $999 for all 63 colors in a Willow pack. The colors include in each pack are: blonde pack (wheat lick, sand, pumpkin, platinum, ivory, honey, gold spank, champagne, ash lick), brown pack (toffee, ginger, expresso, coffee, cocoa, chocolate lick, caramel, burnt spank, auburn kiss), black pack (onyx, midnight, jet, ice kiss, graphite, fire lick, chestnut, bleach spank, blackcherry), green blue pack (turquoise lick, sly, sapphire, neon, navy kiss, leaf, forrest, cobalt spank, aqua), pink purple pack (wine kiss, violet spank, tartlette, lavender, imperial, grape, fuschia, blush, amethyst lick), red pack (torch, scarlett spank, ruby lick, plum, currant, copper, cardinal, blood, blackcherry kiss), zomg pack (witchy, scorch, salt pepper, purple pants, pink pants, magic bus, le freak, fire pants, dark chocolate), pirate pack (wheat lick, toffee, tartlette, scarlett spank, sand, pumpkin, jet, dark chocolate, copper).

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam, Clothes: LaynieWear - Wench Top White, Custom Teagan Long, TorridWear - Worn Out Capris, Jewelry: Alienbear - Leaves Diamonds with Tear Drops Set

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