Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bewitched - Nymph Elementals

Ahhhhh, Bewitched Nymph. One of my favorites, I even wear it on my sign for my shop. I'll be honest here. I didn't think Nymph could get any better. I wear it a lot, and it's just so darned cute! Then Sheltered Heart dropped her new Nymph Elementals pack on me, and ... well, I was wrong. Somehow, it's even better.

The small flowers and ribbons have been removed, and the hair is just a bit longer. But don't worry, there are still accessories for it- a wreath for every season. They sit on the hair almost like a crown of ... well, flowers, or snowflakes, depending on the season. The soft bangs are still there, as is the braid around the top of the head. Simply divine!

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The back of this style is lush curls, falling to mid-back. This hair moves so well, I just want to pet it!

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Each pack includes 4 pairs of wings, 4 hair wreaths, 4 kick skirts, 4 tops, and 4 glitch pants. Costs: Demo L$1, 4 color pack L$325, Customer Favs L$325, Tipped L$350, Everything Pack L$2000.

Colors available:
Subdued (Auburn, blonde, nugget, sunny); Parfait (bell, candy, fuchia, straw); Iced (faed, light blue, silver, sky); Hawt (Mahogany, Mes, Natural Red, Straw); Anime (Candy Apple, Light Purple, Melon, Sea); Lip Smackers (Bell, candy Apple, Dark Brown, Straw); Naturals (Black, Blonde, Brown, Natural Red); In Your Face (Dark Blue, Dark Purple, Green, Pink); Bewitched Favs (Black, Gold, Medium Blue, Medium Purple); Customer Favs (Black, Blonde, Candy Apple, Gold, Natural Red, Straw); Color Tips (Auburn Red, Blonde Brown, Dark Faded, Silver Black, Silver Blue); Black Tipped (Black Blue, Black Candy Apple, Black Pink, Black Red, Black Silver)

Top: Summer from Elementals pack; Skin- Tete a Pied Vivant Almond Glam 1

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