Thursday, April 19, 2007

Wilted Rose - Messalina

Today's style is from Wilted Rose.

The Messalina style is a beautifully sculpted piece of art using the new flexi braids that Wilted Rose has created. Two thick braids part at the center of the hairline and form a crown around the head joining at a spiral of braids. Two other braids start just above the ears and crown back into the spiral as well. From these braids four flexi braids fall around the face to the shoulder blade and twelve braids fall from the sculpted spiral down to the small of the back. This style would work well with a kimono or one of the more exotic silk sets like Rings from Collar Me Sexy.

The Messalina style costs $1200L for a mega pack, $175L for 5-color or 6-color pack, and the demos at free. The colors include: metallics(red, purple, hot pink, gunmetal, green, blue), misfits(vampy, triple threat, nurse, cotton candy, berry), natural blondes(strawberry blonde, sandy, platinum with black, platinum, goldie), natural brunettes(honeybun, hazelnut, cinnamon with black, cinnamon, chestnut), natural monochrome(white with black, white, smoke, grey, black with white, black), natural reds(pumpkin, natural red, hot red, deep red, auburn), wild blues(platinum with blue, blue with blue, blue, blue with black, black with blue), wild greens(platinum with green, green with green, green, green with black, black with green), wild pinks(platinum with pink, pink with pink, pink, pink with black, black with pink), wild purple(platinum with purple, purple with purple, purple, purple with black, black with purple), wild reds(platinum with red, red with red, red, red with black, black with red).

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam, Clothes: LaynieWear Geri Stripe Hot Pink, Tattoo: SYD - Henna Fairy Wings

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