Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rising Phoenix - Tomoyuki

Rising Phoenix is one half of the Wig Out group and sells hairstyle that are for men, women, and unisex styles.

The Tomoyuki style is a long, straight ponytail with the hair falling to the top of the thighs. The face is framed with long, choppy bangs that fall over the eyes to touch the cheekbones. The ponytail is extremely thick and has an insane amount of flexi with the hair constantly in movement even when you are not. This style has its purpose for the anime fans but for everyday wear it just kept moving too much for me. However this movement made it the perfect vampiress hair.

The Tomoyuki style cost $1500L for the 44-color fat pack, $L for a 4-color pack, and $1L for the demo. The colors include: P1(beachy keen, sand, strawberry, sunkissed), P2(blackened beachy keen, blackened sand, blackended strawberry, blackened sunkissed), P3(bewitched, charisma, divinity, enchant), P4(chocolate, gold rush, mocha, sienna), P5(auburn, bittersweet, cherrywood, flame), P6(blackened auburn, blackened bittersweet, blackened cherrywood, blackened flame), P7(black widow, blackened phantom, phantom, raven), P8(black magic, nightmare, vamp, voodoo), P9(black cherry, midnight, mystic, spellbound), P10(blackened grape, blackened bubblegum, grape, bubblegum), P11(blackened bruised, blackened true blue, bruised, true blue).

Skin: Gala - Pale Sultry Lustrebeam, Clothes: TorridWear Worn Top Red