Saturday, March 3, 2007

Virtual Creations - Sensation

Virtual Creations is a small shop I found the other day while looking at Mirada Hair Mall(since closed and replaced with Hairspray). This shops offers hair for both men and women which includes a freebie hairstyle with a baseball cap for women. There are other freebies including a cute ginger cat and a box of hair ribbons. The hair and accessories are scripted so you can change the color if you wish.

The Sensation style is a low, wavy ponytail gathered just right of the nape of the neck and crosses over the shoulder to the front and down past the chest. The face is framed with long chunky bags that part just left of center. As to the textures I fall in the middle with this one. I like the textures for the wilder colors in the streaks pack but I think some of the more traditional colors need a bit of tweaking. This shop is fairly new so I am sure we will see improvement as she grows.

The Sensation style comes with 3 different sizes(small, medium, big) costing L$250 per 3-color pack, L$500 for a Buy It All pack, and the demos are L$1. The colors included are: blacks(black, chimney, raven), blondes(blonde, dark blonde, golden), browns(chestnut, hazel, walnut), streaks(blue, purple and pink).

Skin: Nevermore Studios - Hybrid II Spritely Face #1, Clothes: SYD: Rainbow Pink V-Neck

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