Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Splitting Hairs Part at Virtual Creations Right Now!

Virtual Creations hair boutique is now 2 months old. To celebrate this, they are having a big party @ The Muse this very second.

Come and join the crowd that is steadily building. There is dancing, music, splooders, drinks, and free gifts. There is a chance for you to win a Virtual Creation style of your own.

There are extra prizes for the members of the Virtual Creations update group. If you are a member and put Virtual Creations in your profile picks together with an impressive text, you have a chance to win a Value Pack worth $500L for the hair of your choosing.

Keeping up with the hair hook ups.

1 comment:

Virtual said...

Thanks to all Savoir Hair visitors who dropped buy for making this party a real success.

Thx guys :-D