Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Goodbye, Sarabi Spatula!

It is sad but true. Sarabi Designs is closing its doors. Sarabi Spatula is known for her generosity for new players and being a visible shop owner to her customers. She is the created of the newbie style Destiny that many receive in their first freebie prim hair pack as well as offering new players a free style from her shop and a dollarbie called Anamaria. She will be sorely missed. She has a great sense of humor and instead of being offended by the review of her style called Handlebars she was highly amused.

For however long Sarabi Designs remains in existence, which could be as little as a hour more, all remaining hair styles and the accessories on the second floor of the shop with by $10L. This means that a full color pack of hair is only $10L right now. As of this posting the shop was still up and running.

It is my understand that Sarabi Spatula is willing to sell her business at the cost is $19,999L with full perms buy not exclusive. If you are interested in running your own hair business contact Sarabi through IM.

Goodbye, Sarabi, and may you succeed in all your ventures in life.

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Virtual Revolution said...

Its sad to see a collegue leaving the hair business.

Good bye Sarabi. I wish you all the Best.