Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sinsation - Maryanne

Sinsation is celebrating the opening of their joint venture island, Hairspray with Mirada. There is a freebie hut that sells dollarbies. There are don't miss deals to be had including this cute 50s style to match the island's theme from Sinsation.

The Maryanne style is a short, straight style that falls just past the neckline and curl out, up and back in to form a perfect curl completely around the head from ear to ear. There is a straight cut bang that crossed the brow with a slight curl under. The rest of the hair is held back from the face with a leopard print ribbon. The entire style, including the bow on the ribbon, is well sculpted and suits the new island's 50s them rather well. Pair this style with Vanessa from LaynieWear and you will look like you stepped out of the pages of Cosmopolitan 1955.

Guest Model: Cherlindrea Lamont

The Maryanne style costs $1L for a 10-color pack. The colors included are: antimatter, black pearl, burgundy, chestnut, fudge, grape, marble brown, pink, shiny black, and vanilla.

Skin: Sin Skin - Freckled Fresh Stratus, Clothes: Nympetamine - Skin Teal


Xevv Boram said...

This style is cute and all but the bow is terrible. I agree the shape of the bow looks good but the texture is all whonky at the end.

Sinnocent Mirabeau said...

Ya know, I just can't get over how rude you guys posting things here can be.

This is one of the first hairs I ever built, and since it fit in with the theme I put it up for sale for a WHOLE ONE LINDEN! I'm sorry that think that the bow is "terrible" but geesh! It is amazing how people will still complain, even if that item cost them a fraction of a penny in RL!

This blog and it's comments remind me more and more of the National Enquirer everyday. Post a bunch of lame comments, that hurt innocent people, and then pat yourself on the back for doing a "Service" to others while you pride yourself in bad mouthing people who are only trying to be creative and contribute.

Anyways, xevv, I hope that you feel better after you posted your comment about a hair that didnt even work you over for a penny, I'll be sure to return your linden to you in game.

And that is my two cents! Spend it wisely there xevv ;)

Xevv Boram said...

You missed this part of my comment "this style is cute". As far as the bow goes, I retextured the thing and it looks a whole lot better. You need to learn to take criticism better.

In defense of Teagan, this blog is written in a very informative manner. The National Enquirer is a magazine filled with rumors and I don't see rumors in this blog. I think you have your periodicals mixed up.

You need to learn to be less defensive. Live and learn, babe. Don't sweat your bow. If you concern yourself with what everyone thinks of you you are going to put up your blood pressure over a game.

Sinnocent Mirabeau said...

I dont concern myself, I simply have a voice and use it.

It's funny, this whole blog can dish it out, but when it comes to taking your own plate, you all seem to have a bit of trouble swallowing.

As for having my periodicals mixed up, I assure you I have not. The intent of the magazine I stated and this blog are very similar in my mind. Rumor or not, this blog has a great many bad reviews, most of which I've seen would be obvious to the person purchasing the product before hand.

I mean, on me alone, one was that the hair was "too big", would give someone a headache in real life. Hrrm, and this wouldnt be noted from the picture or the demo? I think it would, why was it purchased? Something new and nasty to print maybe?

Then we had a little hair called undecided. I mean come on, how would you not know that hair looked like that, and why would this person spend the money? To put their disgust in print maybe?

All of which is perfectly fine, I know that there are plenty of blogs out there that post things that they think people should see, rather than things they shouldn't so this is unique in that sense.

Personally, I wouldn't waste my money buying hairs that I wont like just so I can "warn" others, but that's just me.

Making hair is a lot harder than some people may realize. With that in mind, I would hope that the writer of this blog might consider that in the future. Maybe, just maybe the hair that is being brutally slammed in public is that person's first go, and maybe that person could become great at it after a bit of practice and be a great asset to the SL community.

Or maybe that real human being on the other end of that screen will read what's being written and quit all together.

I realize that crtics are critcs, I just dont have the heart or the stomach to do this sort of thing, that's all. Perhaps that's why I rebel against it.

As for handling critics, thank you for your concern, but I'm just fine. What I see is someone who went out and spent one linden on about 8 hairs, then just had to find something to pick at.

I remember what it's like to be new, and I can assure you I would have been and was gracious for anything I could find that was half-way decent and didnt cost me an arm and a leg. I most certainly wouldn't have im'd the designer and said .. "Well gee, thanks for the free hair, but this part of it is crap!" Sorry there Xevv, but you get what you pay for.

Perhaps you may want to fork over some cash and buy something you really like?

I appreciate the article that was written about this hair, and I hope that it is clear that my heart was in the right place in offering this hair, and not only this one.

I have hosted tons of events at my shop where I offered tons of my hair at a very cheap price to a few newbies that popped in one night and didnt have the funds to afford the original price. Instead of leaving it at that, I told them to tp in their friends, and we'd have some fun with the mobvend, or I'd toss a huge pack of hairs into the lucky chair. They loved it, as did I. I have had people come up to me saying how great a certain hair was and that they would be back to buy it when they had the money, and instead of making them wait, I send it right on over, free of charge. I'm sure that if I asked them to read this, they would back me up on that.

With that said, I'll survive. I've said it before, not everyone is going to like the hairs that I create and that's perfectly ok, there are plenty of others who do, or I wouldnt waste my time doing this.

There's really nothing else for me to say except that I'm sorry that I don't have the ablility to turn the other cheek to this sort of thing. I wish I did, I would probably be richer if I didnt take other people into consideration so much. I just do not agree with your attitude at all.

I just hope that the other designers who have been and will be mentioned in a bad light here realize that beauty and art are subjective. One person's "terrible", is another person's welcomed treasure.

As for this post, and the blog all together, I'm finished.

I prefer to read the good things that people have to say. This is supposed to be a game, not a bloodsport!

Carry on.

Laynie said...

Sinnocent, you need to realize that only Teagan is affiliated with this blog. The rest of us just read it, and like it. Teagan actually raved about this hair, and suggested people pair it with one of my dresses if you want to look fabulous.

I'm not sure what part of "beautiful" or "The entire style, including the bow on the ribbon, is well sculpted" is considered offensive to you. So basically, being positively reviewed is an attack to you?

Perhaps you should see a doctor about this perception issue you have, or consider medication. this level of anxiety and paranoia just isn't healthy. I wish you the best, and I hope you can find a balance in life. SL is just a game, and you really shouldn't let it upset you this much.

Teagan Blackthorne said...

Sorry, I did not realize that saying this hair made you feel like your stepped out of Cosmopolitan 1955 was brutally slamming you or calling a style beautiful for that matter.

The other two styles you mention: your style was a gift from someone and the other appeared as a folder in my inventory one day with no idea where it came from. Yes, I know it is are no transfer but a friend gave me the money and asked me to buy it for myself.

Elle Maxim said...

Sweetie, you cannot even begin to dream how brutal a true critic can be. This girl is like Snow White in comparison to our poison apples.