Monday, March 19, 2007

Playful Kitten - Catnip

Today's style is from Playful Kitten.

The Catnip style is a short, straight bob that is angled more to the right side. The hair is parted on the left side and falls across the right eye and down part the cheekbone. The neckline is clean with the angle of the bob accent by the flow of each prim. The style is true to is name and works well for a cute pair of Neko ears.

The Catnip style costs L$780 for a fat pack, L$195 for a 4-color pack, and L$1 for the demos. The colors included are: white pack(white, white burnt, silver, silver burnt), black pack(black, black frost, white, white burnt), blonde pack(blonde, blonde burtn, platinum, platinum burnt), brown pack(brown, dark brown, brown frost, brown burnt), red pack(crimson, crimson burnt, red, red burnt), neon pack(violet burnt, blue burnt, pink burnt, green burnt).

Skin: Nevermore Studios - Hybrid II Spritely Face #1, Clothes: PixelDolls - Strappy Sheer Shiny Set


Anonymous said...

wow.. where did the tat come from?

Teagan Blackthorne said...

My shop. :) Shape Your Destiny