Saturday, February 10, 2007

Nuclear Boutique - Atomic

Nuclear Boutique has recently revamped their shop and added many new items. Be sure to check out the customer wall of fame because you might see Laynie and I there.

The Atomic style is two low ponytails that come down the shoulders in the back and fall to the bum. The face is lightly framed with spare chunky bangs that angle across the forehead. The style looks very cute except when I am not moving. The earlier style reviewed has flexi that was a bit too stiff but this time it is a bit too flexi. As they come out with more styles, I hope that they will master the proper flow for the flexi that other shops seem to have.

The Atomic hair costs L$115 per color and L$1 per demo which is available in every color. The colors include: bronze, golden, diva, mocha, radical raven, brutal brunette, auburn, chocolate, proton purple, bomber blue, aqua, emerald, ocean, nuclear winter, liquid silver, cotton candy, hot pink, dark cherry, cherry bomb, ebony with blue tips, ebony with silver tips, night fire, ebony with ocean tips, ebony with pink tips.

Skin: PanJen - Hope Tone 1, Clothes: SYD - Nutty Tart Set, Tattoos: LaynieWear - Henna Tattoo

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Laynie said...

Could be worse... *giggles* I like the texture, too!