Sunday, February 18, 2007

Celestial Studios - Cypher

Celestial Studios is best known for their skin line having one of the most popular newbie skins made at this shop. They also sell hair, apparel, and eyes but not fearful of the competition they also visibly support fellow hair designer, Elika Tiramusu Designs.

The Cypher style is a straight style that falls down to the middle of the back at an angled point. There are two ponytails high on each side of the head which are held in place by wrapped around pieces of hair. The bangs are a straight, cut and curled under into the Bettie Page style with two chunks falling in front of the ears. I like the style overall but when you move it is extremely rigid. It would be nice to see the back have more flexi to it. The textures also seemed a bit too streaky for a color that was not of the "streaky" listed colors.

The Cypher style comes in an all color fat pack for L$1500, 3-color packs for L$200, single colors for L$100, and the demos are L$1. The colors included are: chestnut, blood, black and white pack(black shiny, black streaky, white), blonde(champagne, butter, bright blodne), brown(fawn, brunet, java), streaky(streaky 1, streaky 2, streaky 3), red(copper, henna, auburn), purple(ultraviolet, eggplant, lilac), pink(pink, hot pink, raspberry), blue(dark blue, peacock, light blue), green(spring, puce, kelly)

Skin: PanJen - Hope Tone 1, Clothes: SYD: Shape Your Destiny - Nutty Tart V-Neck, Torrid Wear - Washed Out Jeans, Piercing: Gurl 6 - Lip Ring, Tattoos: LaynieWear - Henna Tattoo

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Laynie said...

I love this hair, so much. It looks really great on you!