Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Au Naturel - Braid

Au Naturel is a shop that I discovered while hunting for hair landmarks for the landmark box. This shop offers more than hair with skins, costumes, boots, jeans, and more.

The Braid style, aptly named, is a long thick braid that falls down to the middle of the back from the crown. The braid is held in place with white hair ties. The neckline is neat and clean. The face is framed with long, wedgie bangs that are in place to try and hide an extra long hairline. The hairline is the only part of this style I hated. It is hard to love a style when you have that hairline extending past the root of the bangs. Other than that I loved the style with the braid thickness reminding me of my Barbie's hair and the textures were very well done.

The Braid style costs L$85 per color and the demos are free. The colors include: ash blonde, berry, black, blood red, brunette, copper, dark brown, platinum, red, and warm brown.

Skin: Nyte'N'Day - Evolution Tan, Clothes: SYD - Rainbow Indigo V-Neck, Celestial Designs - Jeans Dirty Wash

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