Saturday, January 20, 2007

Newbie Hair

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The newbie hair list has been massively updated so I thought it would be best to repost it.

Here is a list of places to get you hooked up with free or inexpensive hair:

Newbie Freebie or Dollarbie Hair:
Elika Tiramisu Designs
The Free Dove
The GNUbie Store
Gurl 6 Hair
Here Comes Trouble
Nuclear Boutique
Sarabi Designs
Sarah Nerd's Freebie Paradise
Sarah Nerd's Nifty Fifty Hair
Simply Britnee
Taunt (Buy Treasure Map)
Tickled Pink
Virtual Creations
Wilted Rose
Zero Style

Newbie Hair Vouchers:
Diversity Hair
Gurl 6 Hair
Sarabi Designs

Discounted Hair - L$100 or Less
Au Naturel
Ayashii Ku
BareRose HQ
Collar Me Sexy!
Chavtastic Couture
Cut Above
Elika Tiramisu Designs
Empyrean Emporium
Fashion Treatment
Goldie Locks
Gurl 6 Hair
Happy Dispatch
Jolie Femme
Lo Lo
Ms B's Store
Mystikal Hair
Nifty Fifty
Old Gravy
Panache Hair
Punk Rock Boutique
UFonly HQ
Washu's Wigz
Wilted Rose

Lucky Chairs with Hair
Digital Visage
Fashion Treatment
Goldie Locks
House of Paisley/Madame de Pompadour

See anything that I am missing, please let me know.

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