Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Big Hair Affair

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Thank you to both Laynie Link from LaynieWear and Arraiin Grayson from Linden Lifestyles for pointing me to this event.

Don't Miss out on the Big Hair Affair at the Luna Park Open Air Convention Center going on January 12, 2007 through January 29, 2007.

The best freebies are the are at the booths for Gurl 6, Adri's Flea Market and Yard Sale, Frangipani Designs, and Diversity. The best hair deals, hair under L$5, are at the booths for Here Comes Trouble and Nifty Fifty.

The vendors participating are:
Accessories by Eolande
Adri's Flea Market and Yard Sale
Analog Dog
Bishwear by Shy
Calico Creations
Caliente Express
Cut Above
Frangipani Designs
Goldie Locks
Grim Babies
Gurl 6
Gurl 6 for Boys
Hair by Cher
Here Comes Trouble for Men
Here Comes Trouble for Women
Im a Penis (no joke, this is truly their name.)
Inspirational Designs
Nifty Fifty
PRIMped Hair Salon
Sarabi Designs

Tip to the vendors at this event, please make sure that you include your shop's name in your booth, a sign with your shop's name, or a landmark in your demos. I had to play "hunt for your shop" with the aid of some friends to get some of the shop names. If I was really looking to shop at your store I might have given up sooner. This event is not as much about your sales as getting your name and talent out there.


Xevv Boram said...

Great information. Thanks.

Satia Primrose said...

Wonderful! Just what I need, more hair.

Laynie said...

You do realize I have to have a shop so I can fund my hair obsession, right?

I love your writeups. They're so ... erm... informationfull?

Teagan Blackthorne said...

Yeah but free hair is more fun!

Laynie said...

Free hair, the bane of my existence. Of course, I love modifiable free hair- I like to put my own textures on it.

Ysatis Dean said...

Thanks for the hair tips. I found a style I really liked at the fair.

Cherlindrea Lamont said...

You got me off to a great start.