Monday, February 2, 2009

Savoir Hair's Move is Final

We are no longer going to be updating on the Blogspot location. Over night last night, our new information has finally been add to the feed(sorry for the doubles while we slept) and we will only update at

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Please update all links to

Thank you, Teagan and Laynie

Review Policy

This blog has moved to

Here are the guidelines to submit hair for review:

1. Place items in a folder entitled: Savoir Hair - (store name) - (date of submission).

2. Include a notecard with:

* Name of the store & designer(s)
* Landmark
* Slurl
* Store’s Blog(If you don’t have one, it is a good idea to get one and they are free.)
* Name of the hairstyle(s) submitted
* Colors the style comes in
* Prices: fat packs, special packs, color packs, demos, etc
* Other important information we need to know like scripts, accessories, etc

4. Drop the folder to Teagan Blackthorne(blacks & dark browns) and/or Laynie Link(red reds).

There is usually a 1 - 3 week wait for reviews. If you do not see you hair by then, give us a nudge because our IMs cap horribly and it may be lost in the cavern of our inventories. Will we blog you if you didn’t follow everything above? Probably. :P But the information we ask for makes it easier for us to blog you.

1. If you or a legit business partner are not the prim creators, we will not review the product. Using prims from a business in a box/reseller kit to create your product is not the type of hair we are interested in featuring. (Example: If the style is made up from prims by yourself and , this will not be featured however if the style is made up from prims by partner A and partner B, that is allowed. )

2. When we come to see your shop, if you are selling items that are known as freebies throughout the grid, we will not feature your product. Giving away as a freebie is acceptable but not selling.

The above rules also apply to those who seek a designer tag in the Savoir Hair group.