Monday, February 2, 2009

Review Policy

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Here are the guidelines to submit hair for review:

1. Place items in a folder entitled: Savoir Hair - (store name) - (date of submission).

2. Include a notecard with:

* Name of the store & designer(s)
* Landmark
* Slurl
* Store’s Blog(If you don’t have one, it is a good idea to get one and they are free.)
* Name of the hairstyle(s) submitted
* Colors the style comes in
* Prices: fat packs, special packs, color packs, demos, etc
* Other important information we need to know like scripts, accessories, etc

4. Drop the folder to Teagan Blackthorne(blacks & dark browns) and/or Laynie Link(red reds).

There is usually a 1 - 3 week wait for reviews. If you do not see you hair by then, give us a nudge because our IMs cap horribly and it may be lost in the cavern of our inventories. Will we blog you if you didn’t follow everything above? Probably. :P But the information we ask for makes it easier for us to blog you.

1. If you or a legit business partner are not the prim creators, we will not review the product. Using prims from a business in a box/reseller kit to create your product is not the type of hair we are interested in featuring. (Example: If the style is made up from prims by yourself and , this will not be featured however if the style is made up from prims by partner A and partner B, that is allowed. )

2. When we come to see your shop, if you are selling items that are known as freebies throughout the grid, we will not feature your product. Giving away as a freebie is acceptable but not selling.

The above rules also apply to those who seek a designer tag in the Savoir Hair group.