Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Advertise on Savoir Hair!

Did you notice the new "Advertise With Savoir Hair" page up at the top of http://SavoirHairSL.com? That's right... you too can get in on the advertising action here with us! Since Hair Fair 2008 is starting soon, this is the perfect time to get your ad seen. Since we're both a little crazy with planning for the Hair Fair, we're actually holding a sale on advertising until the end of the fair- September 7, 2008. After this, prices will go up.

Sale Rate:
1000 impressions - 500 L
2500 impressions - 1000 L
6000 impressions - 2000 L
25,000 Impressions - 6000L

To secure your ad space, either pay Savoirhair Skytower and drop her a notecard, or stop by the Onrez Savoir Hair store!

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