Monday, July 28, 2008

Philotic Enegry - Lysa

Today's style is from Philotic Energy.

The Lysa style is a smooth updo that is twisted to the left side of the crown. Swoop bangs cross the face from left to right with longer strands framing the face. There are a few stray wisps falling behind each ear. This style comes with a set of optional jeweled sticks that accent the back of the updo.

The Lysa style costs $2000L for a fat pack, $199L for a 3-color pack, and the demos are free. The colors include: jet black, jet black red tipped, jet black white tipped, charcoal, charcoal red tipped, charcoal white tipped, kohl, kohl black tipped, kohl white tipped, steel, steel black tipped, steel white tipped, silver, silver black tipped, silver white tipped, white, white black tipped, white red tipped, coffee, coffee black tipped, coffee white tipped, cocoa, cocoa black tipped, cocoa white tipped, rich chocolate, rich chocolate black tipped, rich chocolate white tipped, sambuca, sambuca black tipped, sambuca white tipped, golden brown, golden brown black tipped, golden brown white tipped, sand, sand black tipped, sand white tipped, honey, honey black tipped, honey white tipped, wheat, wheat black tipped, wheat white tipped, blonde, blonde black tipped, blonde white tipped, platinum, platinum black tipped, platinum white tipped, dark ash, dark ash black tipped, dark ash white tipped, ash, ash black tipped, ash white tipped, natural red, natural red black tipped, natural red white tipped, clinker, clinker black tipped, clinker white tipped, rebel, rebel black tipped, rebel white tipped, ruby, ruby black tipped, ruby white tipped, plum, plum black tipped, plum white tipped, copper, copper black tipped, copper white tipped, violet, violet black tipped, violet white tipped, emerald, emerald black tipped, emerald white tipped, sapphire, sapphire black tipped, sapphire white tipped, wine, wine black tipped, wine white tipped, fire, fire black tipped, fire white tipped, bubblegum, bubblegum black tipped, bubblegum white tipped, auburn, auburn black tipped, auburn white tipped, light auburn, light auburn black tipped, light auburn white tipped.

Pose: Persona - Party Fever, Skin: D-Skin - 31_E0_F0_L2, Clothes: Katat0nik - Pink Starry Dress Set, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Silver by PopFuzz, Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

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