Monday, July 7, 2008

(Male Mondays) Curl Up and Dye - Vincent

Today's style is from Curl Up and Dye.

The Vincent style is a short, straight style with a single layer just above the neckline. The neckline itself is clean with smooth edges. The hair in front is parted just left of center with the straight hair falling into the eyes almost completely covering the right eyes.

The Vincent style costs $1500L for a fat pack, $300L per color and the demos are $1L. The colors included are: Black Shades(black, deep black, blue black, silver, white), Brown Shades(brown, brownred, red, ahsbrown), Red Shades(sunset, auburn, wine, wild orchid), Blonde Shades(blonde, platinum, ash blonde, sand, honey blonde), Anime Colors(blue, dk pink, green, pink, purple, bred).

Pose: AnimaH - Hidden Jewels, Skin: Nomine - 6 Male California Tan - brown beard, Clothes: !mpossible - Pullover, Eyes: Gurl 6 - Brown 2 by PopFuzz

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